Silica Sand

Northern White  20-40,  30-50,  40-70,  100 Mesh

Silica Sand is a type of sand that is composed of 95% silicon. It is mainly used in the making of glass and creating molds and castings in Industrial Processing. Silica is also used in sand blasting, adding texture to slick roads, and in the production of ceramics and equestrian surfaces. There are further uses for silica sand in the production of mortar and concrete, in the Oil and Gas industry for improved production drilling, and for water filtration.

At Alamo Minerals, we have high purity silica sand ideal for fracking and other downhole operations which we are currently sourcing from various parts in the US. We have access to different sands with the following grades and favorable crush (K) factor: 20/40, 30/50, 40/70, and 100 Mesh

Our Products

Alamo Minerals understands that there is a growing demand for minerals with industrial applications. There does not seem to be enough of a supply, particularly for the growing fracking and oil & gas industries. Alamo Minerals aims to do something about that by sourcing the absolute top quality mineral products for our valued clients. 

Sourcing & Logistics

Alamo Minerals has established strong relationships throughout the Western Hemisphere with many organizations that are the source of mineral production. The allocations provided to Alamo Minerals are a result of years of strong reliable purchases and good business ethic. Alamo sources its products from mines found from Canada to Argentina. Currently, Alamo is seeking to expand its sourcing to Africa and Australia. Products not mined are sourced from Refineries, Treatment Plants, factories and storage facilities.

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