Our Certifications

Texas SBA Certified

CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) is a U.S. Department of Defense certification. This Certification assures that the security and transportation of your product complies with the strict guidelines of the U.S. government to prevent the contamination of your product with illegal objects and substances.

Other benefits of contracting CTPAT certified vendors are:

-Physical Security and Access Control
-Physical and Procedural Shipping Security
-Financial Soundness
-Personnel and Visitor Controls
-Information Technology Security
-Capacity of Meeting Contractual Security Requirements


What We Do

Alamo Minerals is a San Antonio, TX based Industrial Mineral and Fuel Logistics Company. Thanks to our representatives around North & South America, Alamo Minerals has structured strong business relationships, establishing a crucial supply chain from the source.


Our Approach

 Alamo Minerals understands that there is a growing demand for minerals with industrial applications. There does not seem to be enough of a supply, particularly for the growing fracking and oil & gas industries. We aim to bridge this gap between the supply and demand of these mineral products. 


Our Mission

Alamo Minerals strives to perform at the highest level of excellence. At Alamo Minerals, we believe in running our business with a military-type discipline. Our clients come first, no exceptions. We understand the need for reliability, so Alamo Minerals is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure it.

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